From marketing to commercial driving, the fuel and petrochemical industries are looking for dedicated professionals.  

Transportation and Logistics

Do you want a career that allows you to utilize effective purchasing strategies, manage materials and services, and implement ways to deliver high-quality supplies and services to manufacturing and business operations? If so, then a role in the transportation and logistics field may be right for you. In this role you will collaborate with cross-functional departments such as marketing, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, quality and regulatory operations to plan for, purchase, transport and deliver products and services.

Qualifications:  Transportation and logistics professionals must have strong interpersonal and communication skills. They are also excellent problem-solvers, creative, self-motivated, and focused on innovative new solutions.

Education:  Most employers require a 4-year degree or the equivalent in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transportation, Business Management or Information Systems. Given the need for expertise in various commodities and purchasing, employees also come from a variety of other disciplines, including business, marketing and engineering.

Average Salary: $76,830 annually; $35.31 hourly (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Business Development

Are you pursuing a 4-year or master’s degree in business and interested in working in a growing industry? Business developers in fuel and petrochemical manufacturing identify markets, develop initiatives and work directly with clients to build relationships and facilitate new opportunities. Business Development challenges you to create alternative business models that improve margins.

Commercial Driver

Do you enjoy driving and seeing new places? Commercial driving is a physically challenging and rewarding career. It requires you to spend long periods of time away from home and travel great distances, but you also have the opportunity to work independently and see the country.

Commodities Trader

Are you an effective negotiator, familiar with the energy industry?  Commodities traders have broad expertise in energy commodities, including gas, electricity, refined products and petrochemicals. Working with members of a business team, commodities traders create new strategies, evaluate risk and track markets and investment opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Analyst

Are you creative and do you like working with people? Sales and Marketing Analysts are responsible for executing a company’s marketing strategy. Analysts work as a team to manage website and print media, host meetings and events and engage with potential clients in their respective industries.

Security Officer

Throughout America ordinary people are serving as everyday heroes by helping people feel more secure. Security officers perform a variety of duties to ensure a secure, productive and professional work environment for people all over the country. Security officers provide first-line response to emergencies and carry out policies and procedures to reduce crime.