Want to turn your ideas into reality? Mechanical engineers are creative thinkers who work behind the scenes to build things that improve people's lives. In fuel and petrochemical manufacturing, mechanical engineers improve systems and create efficient ways to safely operate facilities. They are involved in all aspects of production from performing calculations to diagnosing repairs. Mechanical engineers specialize in physics, material science, design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Qualifications:  Mechanical engineers have strong backgrounds in math and science. They work well with others, communicate effectively, and are comfortable using computer drafting software such as computer-assisted design (CAD). They should also be comfortable using tools to apply heat and operating machines.  Mechanical engineers are expected to exhibit a high-level of integrity to ensure safety.

Education:  Employers require entry-level engineers to have a 4-year degree in engineering or the equivalent. Some employers may require an advanced degree.

Average Salary: $83,060 annually (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)