Career Resources

Beginning a career in the fuel and petrochemical industries is exciting and there are many tools and resources available for you to streamline the process. First, learn about educational opportunities, scholarships, government initiatives, and veterans programs then check out AFPM members' career websites for job postings.

Many careers in the fuel and petrochemical industries only require a high school diploma; however, pursuing a certificate, 2-year, 4-year, or advanced degree can make you a more competitive candidate and is required by certain professions. Educational opportunities are available throughout the U.S., not just in energy-producing states. In addition, there are numerous scholarships available to help you pursue your degree.

States and the federal government invest in workforce development programs to prepare citizens for the jobs of today and tomorrow.  While each initiative is different, they typically seek to promote economic development, education and training by partnering with local businesses.

With unique experience and skills, veterans are highly valued by the fuel and petrochemical industries. Many AFPM member companies partner with organizations, like those listed below, to match military skills with civilian job qualifications and identify high-quality employees. To learn more about current openings in the fuel and petrochemical industries, including veteran specific hiring initiatives, go to the AFPM member company career websites for more information.

In addition, as an employer learn more from the free webinar entitled “How to Achieve Greater Success in Hiring Veterans, National Guard Members and Reservists" and the new “Best Practices Guides for Employers in Recruiting and Hiring National Guard Members, Veterans and Reservists."

Interested in learning more about energy and workforce development? Check out these useful websites for career resources, job postings and information: