Operate machinery, install power systems, or create something new as a skilled craft professional. 

Work behind-the-scenes to ensure smooth business operations as an administrative professional.  

Are you good with numbers and detail-oriented? Accountants are in high-demand in the energy industry. There are many types of accountants but they are all typically responsible for recording and analyzing financial information for their employers, examining records to find waste or fraud, and reviewing operations for efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness. 

Do you enjoy working with others? Human resource specialists optimize an organization’s investment in its employees by planning, implementing and evaluating employee relations, policies, programs and practices. They seek to make a difference in a company by collaborating with colleagues to accomplish company-wide objectives. Many companies offer opportunities for internal professional growth in the HR field, starting as an entry-level specialist and with time, becoming a manager or director of human resources.

Do you want a challenging career working with computers? IT Administrators are responsible for providing day-to-day technology and operational support to a company, developing and testing new technologies and maintaining a company’s networks and systems. IT Administrators work as a team on innovative initiatives that give their company a competitive advantage and fuel business growth.